FAQs for Realm Realty & Management in Denver Colorado

Q: What do your services cost?
A: For Property Management, much depends on the type of property and its location, the management fee may vary. The average for a single-family property is 10% of the gross monthly rent, with 50% of the first month's rent as a leasing fee. You pay no fees up front; all payments are collected from the rents received when we accomplish what we do best.

For Buyer or Seller representation, commissions can vary depending on the property, (usually total commissions are between 4% and 7% of the sale price) and is specified in the contract with the seller. Generally, in Colorado the seller pays the full commissions out of the proceeds of the sale. This commission is split between the listing company and the company representing the buyer and therefore, with rare exception, the buyer usually doesn't pay any commissions.
Q: When do I get paid?
A: Rent is due on the 1st of each month with a 3-day grace period. As long as rent is received on time and we don't receive NSF notifications, we do owner payouts on the 15th or the next bank business day after. If you elect direct deposit, you should see funds in your account by 3pm MST. Otherwise, we print and mail checks on the same day. By waiting until the 15th, we can be certain that the funds have cleared and there can be no more bank recourse for fraud or NSF. If rent is not received on time or there is some problem, you will be notified.
Q: What is a Comprehensive Market Analysis?
A: One of our licensed agents will research your properties characteristics and it's value, and find the most comparable properties in order to give you the most comprehensive idea of what you can expect to receive from your property either for sale, or for rent.
Q: How do you screen tenants?
A: A: Once we receive an application and application fee, we run a full background check, credit report, rental and employment history and verification as well as criminal and predator registrations. We qualify each tenant to the property they are applying for and review with them in person all the expectations, regulations, laws and governing ordinances from the State, the county, home owners associations (if applicable) and our own company. We like to establish good communication with our tenants at the lease signing, to prevent any surprises from issues that arise that could have been addressed earlier on.
Q: If I rent out my house, can I still sell it?
A: Yes, we can either sell it as an investment property with a strong tenant and lease or exercise a “sale clause” we put in our lease agreements that allows for a notice of lease termination in the event of a sale.